Kaelari's Deck Updater for Streamers

What it does

Automatically updates a decklist page with whatever deck you are currrently using. This is intended for streamers to be able to have a one time set and forget url that has their decklist for viewers. It does this by monitoring the curdeck.txt file and reuploading the decklist if that file changes.


  1. Have Perl installed. Get it here
  2. Download the script. Script (right-click and select save link as)
  3. Login to https://mythtournaments.com and go to the decks page. (your name in the upper right -> decks)
  4. Create a new deck, it can be empty of cards as it'll just be overwritten anyways.
  5. Click on stats and copy the code on that page.
  6. Right click on the script and choose edit. There will be a line that looks like this:
    my $code = "your_code_here";
    Change the code to the one listed on your deck's stats page(inside the quotes). Save and close notepad.
  7. On mythtournaments decks page, Flag the decklist as public. This will give you the url to view the deck that will automatically update.


  1. Double click on the script, It will launch mythgard for you and disappear into the background.
  2. Just use the script to launch mythgard, no extra clicks needed

Technical issues

Currently no known issues

Version History

  • Removed console window and made it launch mythgard.
  • Initial Release