This is provided in the hopes it will be useful. use as you will. I make no promise it's perfect, if you encounter errors please let me know. Lists all cards in an array of hashes, with the following fields per card:
  • cardname: Name of card
  • Faction: What card will burn for
  • flavor: flavor text
  • cost: cost to play
  • set: card set (currently core for all)
  • type: type of card
  • keywords: only those innately on the card
  • influence: gem cost
  • health: health if creature or artifact
  • subtypes: card subtypes
  • attack: strength if creature
  • text: may be imperfect contains some html
  • rarity: card rarity
  • cardid: used by mythtournaments, has no game meaning
  • cardnameclean: cardname without utf8 characters
Mythgard 0.16.1 beta